The Call


As one unknown and nameless He comes to us, just as on the shore of the lake He approached those men who knew not who he was. His words are the same: "Follow thou Me!" and He puts us to the tasks which he has to do in our age. He commands. And to those who obey, be they wise or simple, He will reveal himself through all that they are privileged to experience in His fellowship of peace and activity, of struggle and suffering, till they come to know, as an inexpressible secret, Who He is. ..


Albert Schweitzer

Quest for the Historical Jesus



Each choice must rely on God's grace in recognizing our own human frailty.


Lehman says that the mission of the church is to try to see those things which God is doing to make human life more human.


Faith is not the acceptance of a world view but the response to the call. Again and again we will be called to give ultimate concern. The human situation is the response of the human to his call. Sin becomes the refusal to respond or the refusal to be called. God becomes the source of the calling. Worship is the rehearsal of the steps of being asked, the giving, and finding the way back. The practice steps of the kind of life which one will live.


The call is any situation in which you are called to give ultimate concern. Christ is found not out there but in the depth of human existence.

Felix Carino - 1964 Retreat at Purdue


But are you furious, or lets say annoyed, because of the call to action? In part yes, because I think that fundamentally most of us really would like nothing better in this world than to purchase a life membership in the Association of Bystanders.


We want to come into being, and yet we do not, and so it is, I think, that to move us the call to love must come from those who need love the most.


We say we hate to see suffering but is it the suffering but is it the suffering or the sufferers we hate? I shall never forget my first conscious experience of hating sufferers. It was 1945, and we were ordered to repatriate forcefully a camp full of Soviet soldiers and officers captured by the Germans who just did not want to go back to the Soviet Union. I shall never forget the look in their eyes, particularly the eyes of those we had to cut down from the ceiling where they were hanging themselves by their own bootstraps. And I shall never forget how we hated them for making us hate ourselves. . . . . - all these sufferers placing us under judgment, calling us into being, calling us to love, calling us to suffer with them, for what is love if not the willingness and capacity to suffer?

William Sloane Coffin ,JR


If thou art called thou wouldst either follow or rebel, but thou canst not live again as one who has not been called.

Eugene Vale

The Thirteenth Apostle