Motivation and Spiritual development

"What other motivation could there be that is not reducible to self interest? The answer is: serving the requirements of the task at hand . . . The object self can never be satisfied because its wish for permanence and possession of all it desires can never be achieved. For another, at the end of the road stands death to take away possessions, everything cherished by the object self. A person who complains of it may be reflecting an accurate perception of their lives, rather than a neurosis. There is no solution to the problem of meaning except to transcend the motivations of the object self. The path to that transcendence is service - real service, which means serving the task and ultimately, serving what mystics call the Truth."

Deikman - The Observing Self


"This again is the question of where one's motivation comes from if it does not come from attachment . . . Their contemplative answer is this: "As attachment ceases to be your motivation, your actions become expressions of divine love. . . An Eastern echo from Tibetan Buddhism avows, 'The more the Soul unites with that which IS, the more thou wilt become compassion absolute.'"