Reality - Creating Our Own


The belief that I control or create my own reality actually attempts to drop me out of the rich, complex, mysterious, and supportive context of my life. It attempts, in the name of control, to deny the web of relationships which nurtures me and each of us daily.

As a correction to the belief that we are at the mercy of larger forces or that illness is due to external agents only, this idea that we create our own reality and therefore our own illnesses is important and necessary. But it goes to far. It is as overreaction, based on an oversimplification. I have come to feel that the extreme form of this belief negates what is helpful about it, that it is too often used in a narrow-minded, narcissistic, divisive, and dangerous way. I think we are ready for a more mature approach to this idea. As Stephen Levine says, this statement is a half-truth dangerous in its incompleteness. It is more accurate to say we affect our reality. This is closer to the whole truth; it leaves room both for effective personal action and for the wondrous rich mysteriousness of life . . .


Treya Wilber - Grace and Grit