Spirituality / Psychopathology


"Certainly, mystical consciousness is to be distinguished from accounts of "spiritual" experiences that are just more fantasies, more emotion laden dreams of merging and dependency. The blissed out disciple with a fixed smile revolves in a dream as deep as any demagogue caught up in power." . . . "One reason for the widespread self-deceit in the area of spiritual development is that people have been trained to feel ashamed of "lower" wishes, despite the fact that such wishes have their own place and functions."

Deikman - The Observing Self.

"I should make it clear here that there is a vast difference between such grandiosity (paranoid), which is clearly a pathological reaction, and a humble sense of direction and calling, which can be one of the very creative consequences of such an experience. The two are easy to distinguish. One results in increased feelings of superiority and self importance. The other is clearly accompanied by increased humility and a sense of being very ordinarily human, a greater awareness of one's feet of clay. One leads to a desire to master, convert, or otherwise manipulate humanity."

May - Will and Spirit