Like psychodynamic therapies, insight meditation is an "uncovering" technique. As an uncovering technique, it employs technical procedures which resemble those used in psychoanalysis and cognate systems.

1. Technical neutrality - bare registration without reaction.

2. Removal of censorship - all thoughts allowed into awareness.

3. Abstinence - goal of observation rather than the gratification of wishes, impulses, desires and strivings.

4. A "therapeutic split" in the ego. The meditator is instructed to become a "witness" to his own experience.

All four procedures presuppose certain ego capacities which define a normal or neurotic level of functioning and personality organization. For borderline personality organization, these capacities which most of us take for granted either are lacking or are seriously impaired. Persons with poorly differentiated and weakly integrated representations of themselves and others cannot tolerate uncovering techniques.

The goal in the treatment of borderline conditions is building structure, not uncovering repression: Facilitating the integration of contradictory self images, object - images and affects into a cohesive and stableness of self able to maintain constant relationships with objects even in the face of disappointment, frustration and loss.